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One very disturbing trend we’ve witnessed in the past decade has been the erosion of Customer Care in America. As a result customer loyalty has reached an all time low. It’s easy to blame the internet for this disconnect, but highly successful companies differentiate themselves in the marketplace by understanding how to fight customer disconnection.

project CADRE is dedicated to building world class customer experience organizations. We provide specialized hiring, training and development tools from the HireStrength suite to match the right people with the right customer connection competencies, behaviors and motivations to create compelling customer experiences for your business.

· Turn your customers into raving fans

· Increase your average customer value

· Attract new customers

· Build powerful market share


The single most critical element for business success and growth is employee connection… that’s the key to generating customer loyalty!

  (Customer Attraction, Development and Retention Excellence)

Our Guarantee


All Performance Development Group products and services are grounded in broad-based ongoing research and meet the highest standards of validity, reliability, accountability and integrity. We are absolutely dedicated to delivering quality products and services that produce quantifiable results. If for any reason, at any time, you are not completely satisfied, the consultant fee or cost of the product is not accepted. The bottom line is we want all Customers, Clients, and Students to be happy, satisfied, and delighted! It is that simple.

The risks and costs associated with a single hiring mistake and the loss of qualified talent are extremely high. In fact, the hard and hidden costs of losing even one employee can be 400% of their annual salary...or higher! In other words the loss of just one $50,000 employee can easily cost your company more than $200,000!”

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Why HireStrength?

The 4 Critical Factors

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We develop and implement custom-tailored hiring, development, key talent and customer retention strategies designed for our Client’s specific needs.

Since 1997, we’ve helped Clients dramatically improve their hiring success, talent retention and generate increasingly higher levels of employee engagement and customer loyalty.

Our services meet EEOC guidelines, are cost effective and pay high returns on investment. Our concepts are not just theory; they are proven strategies and processes you can put into practice immediately in your organization.

Our mission is to help you to successfully  identify, hire, develop and retain the right person for the right job...every time!

· Avoid costly hiring mistakes

· Turn marginal employees into top performers

· Reduce conflict and stress

· Keep executives, managers, producers and professionals from derailing

Identify Potential / Unlock Performance / Keep People Engaged / Ensure Customer Loyalty!

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