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The HireStrength™ benchmarking system provides an in-depth, objective and quantified picture of the intrinsic qualities and key accountabilities necessary for optimal performance of the job. Company stakeholders are involved from the beginning to bring clarity to the position and determine the key results which justify the job's existence. For years, companies have been assessing the skills and behaviors of employees and job candidates to find out whether they're qualified for specific positions. Trouble is many companies have never really identified and quantified the skills and behaviors necessary for success in these positions!

HireStrength™ will help you complete the picture by working with you to quantify the performance goals of each job position, along with the characteristics that will lead to success. We use a scientifically validated process for determining the ideal behaviors, motivators, values, task preferences and thinking patterns necessary for someone to deliver superior performance in the given position.

If The Job Could Talk

The first step involves the detailing of success factors for a job or position. Our goal throughout the process is to eliminate the personal biases used in developing job descriptions and other subjective attempts to identify factors for hiring, which have contributed to many costly hiring mistakes in the past.

Using one or a combination of benchmarking assessments, we provide you with an accurate position benchmark showing 3-5 key accountabilities for the position. Key accountabilities are the critical goals and key business successes the job is accountable for producing. These key accountabilities are defined by a stakeholder group of up to 10 people comprised of top performers in the specific job, people who manage the position, and a member of the executive management team. We then will correctly identify and prioritize the traits necessary for success in the position.

Matching Talent

Following the completion of the benchmark, your employees or job candidates then take our on-line assessments (with no staff time required on your end) to determine their personal behaviors, attitudes, task preferences and attributes. The resulting report not only helps you align the right person with each position, it also provides valuable insight into managing and developing each person for maximum potential.

The goal for organizations is to have the talents of people matched to those required of the job. This match leads to high energy, engaged and motivated employees that provide long-term benefits to the organization. Whether hiring, promoting, or seeking to improve the performance of an existing employee, the HireStrength™ Job/Talent Alignment process will pinpoint the skills, values, behaviors and attributes that will lead to success in a given position.


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Identify Potential / Unlock Performance / Keep People Engaged / Ensure Customer Loyalty!

…Removing our personal biases was a challenge. In fact, we found out  after a great deal of struggle, it was impossible to strip away the bias without an impartial facilitator.

Rich Molden’s professionalism and expertise made the process both educational and enjoyable. Not to mention unbiased! He spurred our group into action and facilitated unbiased, fair discussion that resulted in a clear picture of what was required for optimal performance in the position. As he said, all he did was “allowed the job to be heard.”

We depend on Rich and PDG for input and expertise in not only our hiring decisions, but in conflict resolution issues and career path decisions. HireStrength continues to be a very valuable asset to our Association.  

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