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Job Insights® Benchmark
Stakeholders who complete the assessments respond to questions that uncover unique behaviors and values the job calls for. The result is the Job Insights
® Benchmark report that indicates where candidates must fall within the scale of common job related behaviors. When the job’s rewards and culture are in line with person performing the job, the result is optimal performance, satisfaction and retention. Assess talent using the same parameters with Talent Insights®.  sample

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The Trimetrix® / TQ® benchmark provides the most complete picture of a person's strengths, weaknesses and ability to perform and become fully engaged in the job of any assessment available. By combining the PTSI tool with profiles generated from assessments on DISC Behaviors, Workplace Motivators™, and Task Quotient (TQ®) it is the single most powerful benchmarking system we offer. For a more complete understanding please click on the Trimetrix® logo or TQ®  link below and see how much detailed information these reports contain.

Job Benchmarking Tools

Job Fit® Plus Benchmark
Includes all of the information contained in the Job Insights
® report with the added value of the Task Quotient (TQ®) benchmark information. Unlike similar products, the Fit Series starts by benchmarking the job in 3 critical areas. This allows you to determine exactly what the job calls for. The next step is to match the applicants’ talents to those of the job using with Talent Fit® reports. Candidates with matching talents will consistently become top performers that enjoy their work. The Job Fit® Plus Benchmark includes Behavioral interview questions as well as interview questions based around Rewards / Culture and Task Preferences.  sample

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All Performance Development Group products and services are grounded in broad-based ongoing research and meet the highest standards of validity, reliability, accountability and integrity. We are absolutely dedicated to delivering quality products and services that produce quantifiable results. If for any reason, at any time, you are not completely satisfied, the consultant fee or cost of the product is not accepted. The bottom line is we want all Customers, Clients, and Students to be happy, satisfied, and delighted! It is that simple.

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