We provide specialized selection, hiring, training and development tools and expertise to match the right people with the right customer/client connection competencies, behaviors and motivations to create compelling customer experiences. These are not generic solutions, but proven benchmarks specific to your industry and further customized around the culture of your organization.


The Customer Comes Second.

For your  business to thrive, you must profitably create experiences that are so compelling to customers that their loyalty is assured. That starts with your people. Today, more than ever, the people you select, the talent you develop, and the personnel you retain are critical to your company's growth and success and the ability to create compelling experiences. Successful companies understand these experiences transcend mere transactions. They forge strong loyalties that turn customers into advocates for their businesses!


Your People Come First.

Our Clients rely on us to help them develop and implement strategies for identifying, hiring, developing, and retaining the best talent. Hiring and training employees based on skills, experience, education and even past successes alone is not enough anymore. It ignores 4 critical factors that will surely impact performance on the job and your company’s ability to transcend from customer service (which in many cases is merely customer processing) to compelling experience… Customer Care!


What is compelling about doing business with you and your organization?

If you and your people can’t answer that, and with a degree of passion, you probably don’t have a powerful connection with your customers. The very purpose of your business is to become compelling to your customer and we can help!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a demonstration is worth a thousand pictures.

Contact us today to find out how the 4 critical factors can impact your bottom line exponentially and we will Benchmark your next hire at no charge. Seeing is believing!






To remain competitive in today’s business world, exceeding customer expectations is mission critical!


Cadre n. \KAD-ree; -ray; KAH-dray; -druh\, 1. A core or nucleus of trained or otherwise qualified personnel around which an organization is formed. 2. A tightly knit and trained group of dedicated members active in promoting revolutionary ideas. 3. A framework upon which a larger entity can be built. 4. Customer Attraction, Development and Retention Excellence!


Customer n. 1. A person who buys goods or services, esp. on a regular basis. 2. A person inside or outside an organization who must be served. Engaged customers are critical to business success!


Customerize tr.v. –ized, -izing, izes. 1. To build a customer focused culture that profitably creates experiences that are so compelling to customers that their loyalty is assured. 2. To provide an organization the ability to attract, develop and retain exceptional performers who understand “good enough, isn’t.” 3. To establish ownership, within everyone in an organization, of a common goal of total customer connection. We’re enjoying healthier profits, with fewer turnovers, from people energized to come to work everyday since Performance Development Group customerized our organization!



project CADRE is dedicated to building world class customer experience organizations.

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Our Guarantee


All Performance Development Group products and services are grounded in broad-based ongoing research and meet the highest standards of validity, reliability, accountability and integrity. We are absolutely dedicated to delivering quality products and services that produce quantifiable results. If for any reason, at any time, you are not completely satisfied, the consultant fee or cost of the product is not accepted. The bottom line is we want all Customers, Clients, and Students to be happy, satisfied, and delighted! It is that simple.


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