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“You can teach a turkey to climb a tree, but why not hire a squirrel?”

Talent profiling replaces intuition or "gut feelings" about a candidate's natural behavioral style, driving values, preferences and skill sets. When people figure into your business in any way, you're up against the forces of nature. Human Nature... yours and theirs. Like any natural system, human nature is powerful and complex. Knowing something about it, that is, how to define it in individuals, how to harness it, how to change it if necessary, is the only way to profit from the "people power" in your organization.

Putting validated assessment tools and real world expertise to work for you, HireStrength™ will help you understand and harness the natural behaviors of every individual in your organization for the successful management and growth of the entire company. The impact can be measured where it counts the most, on the Bottom Line!


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"Talent is the key differentiator between success and failure in the new economy"

Talent LAB, Fast Company Magazine

HireStrength™ Talent Assessments will help you successfully identify, hire, develop and retain the right person for the right job…every time!


Your company's success depends on attracting, hiring and keeping the right people. But finding the right people is not an easy task. Even the "perfect" candidate may not always have the right behaviors for the job. When this happens, the resulting costs in high turnover and poor performance can drastically affect profitability. In fact the risks and costs associated with a single hiring mistake and the loss of qualified talent are extremely high. The hard and hidden costs of losing even one employee can be 400% of their annual salary...or higher. In other words the loss of just one $50,000 employee can easily cost your company more than $200,000!”

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All Performance Development Group products and services are grounded in broad-based ongoing research and meet the highest standards of validity, reliability, accountability and integrity. We are absolutely dedicated to delivering quality products and services that produce quantifiable results. If for any reason, at any time, you are not completely satisfied, the consultant fee or cost of the product is not accepted. The bottom line is we want all Customers, Clients, and Students to be happy, satisfied, and delighted! It is that simple.

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