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 Task Quotient (TQ®) is a unique assessment that quickly determines what task types the job calls for and what task types the individual prefers. By ensuring a match between the two, you can create alignment between the job and the employee. If alignment does not exist, it can lead to frustration, decreased productivity, stress, poor performance and eventually the loss of an employee. The TQ® series makes it simple to determine and create job satisfaction, as well as hire the right candidates to achieve satisfaction.

This assessment tool evaluates an employee’s current job alignment, or it can be used to prescreen job candidates for best job fit. TQ® will tell you how motivating the current work environment is for the employee, how well aligned are the employees to the current job or a new job, and what can easily be done to improve job satisfaction and productivity in the current work environment. TQ® is defined as the percentage mixture of the three task types (routine, trouble-shooting and project) that equal 100%. Each of us has a unique mixture that defines our optimal state of motivation. The TQ® report will give you an action plan that you can individually use to improve your job satisfaction.

Task Quotient (TQ®)

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