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Success Insights® Executive
Designed for CEOs, managers, and decision-Makers, it provides an accurate analysis of their strengths, their value to the organization and provides knowledge that enables them to negotiate a communication system that produces more effective work teams. sample    

Success Insights® Management / Staff
Gives valuable information about the candidate or employee as it relates to communication preferences, what motivates them, how they need to be managed as well as the value they bring to the organization. It clarifies their individual work style, their unique stress indicators, how it will affect job performance and how the employee-manager relationship will impact productivity and goal achievement.

Success Insights® Sales
Allows sales managers to increase success in hiring the "right" people and motivating new and existing salespeople to perform at their best. By providing the same information as the Management / Staff version (above) but as it relates to selling, it takes the guesswork out of hiring and managing salespeople and allows companies to develop sound relationships through individual management plans.

Workplace Motivators™
The single most important factor to talent retention. A person's performance and attitude can be directly related to how they feel about the Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values factors. This report allows individuals to understand how values affect their choices and what motivates them to action, thus, provides purpose and direction in their lives. The most common usage is within a selection system, resolving conflict or intervention. 

Success Insights® Customer Service
Designed to provide in-depth insight on candidates as well as allow employees having any contact with customers to learn more about themselves and learn how certain customers will react to their natural communication style. This increased knowledge will help the employee build rapport and drive customer loyalty. 

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Task Quotient (TQ®)
This assessment tool evaluates an employee’s current job alignment, or it can be used to prescreen job candidates for best job fit. TQ® will tell you how motivating the current work environment is for the employee, how well aligned are the employees to the current job or a new job, and what can easily be done to improve job satisfaction and productivity in the current work environment. Each of us has a unique mixture that defines our optimal state of motivation. The TQ® series makes it simple to determine and create job satisfaction, as well as hire the right candidates to achieve satisfaction.   sample

Success Insights® Team Building
Targets key information necessary to build effective teams. Through individual reports, each team member clearly perceives how he/she contributes to the organization and gains a greater appreciation of how differing styles are required to achieve team goals. Great for internal seminar use. 

Identifies Time Wasters that impact individual productivity, their possible causes and offers possible solutions for correcting or eliminating specific time wasters. It allows individuals the opportunity to develop a powerful new approach to organizing, monitoring and managing their time. Great for internal seminar use as well as personal development. 

Talent Insights®
Job applicants who complete the assessments respond to questions that uncover unique behaviors and values. The result is the Talent Insights
® report that indicates where the applicant falls within the scale of common job related behaviors. When the job’s rewards and culture are in line with person performing the job, the result is optimal performance, satisfaction and retention. Recommended for use with Job Insights® benchmark.  sample

Talent Fit®
Includes the same information as the Talent Insights
® report with the added value of the Task Quotient (TQ®) report. Unlike similar products, the Fit Series starts by benchmarking the job. This allows you to determine exactly what the job calls for. The next step is to match the applicants’ talents to those of the job. Candidates with matching talents will consistently become top performers that enjoy their work. To be used with Job Fit Series® benchmark.  sample

Sales Strategy Index
The Sales Strategy Indexpresents 54 different "real life" situations. Each situation has four alternative ways to be handled. Respondents are given the opportunity to rank the alternatives from "best" to "worst." By comparing their response with those of proven top sales professionals, a report is generated revealing strengths, weaknesses and how well they understood sales strategy in seven categories.  sample

Personal Talent Skills Inventory™ (PTSI)
The Personal Talent Skills Inventory™ (PTSI) assessment helps us to understand the patterns we use to make judgments, the thinking habits required to perform the job. This is an excellent tool to help you find, develop and retain the very best talent possible. The PTSI measures the differences in how we process, reason, and make decisions, how people think and how that results in their externally exhibited behaviors, and specifically, how people determine the value of different things. 6 “pre-benchmarked” versions of the PTSI are available – Sales, Sales Management, Customer Service, General Employment, Healthcare, Leadership / Management and Emotional Intelligence. Also a General Employment version is available for “custom benchmark” applications.  sample 

By combining the PTSI tool with profiles generated from assessments on DISC Behaviors and Workplace Motivators™, the Trimetrix® see the most complete picture of a person's strengths, weaknesses and ability to perform and become fully engaged in the job. For a more complete understanding, see Trimetrix® in the Job Benchmarking section.  sample 

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